The 10 Best Textbooks for Studying Plumbing

textbook for plumbing

It’s impossible to imagine our modern life without the water supply system.

It can be easily called one of the most important inventions that simplifies our lives and brings great comfort and convenience.

It’s hard to compare the academic writing service with the work of a plumber. However, both these professions make our lives easier and better.

According to statistics, plumbers make around 50 thousand dollars per year. Their hourly rate depends on the qualification.

The average rate varies from $9.50 per hour to $51.60.

If you are the type of person who loves doing everything on a do-it-yourself basis, this article is just for you.

We prepared a list of the best books that can help you study plumbing and repair your home without calling a professional.

However, before we start, we want to discuss some cases when displaying plumbing heroism is not the best idea.

Situations when you need to call a professional plumber

professional plumber

Some accidents require the involvement of an expert. Amateurs can only make the situation worse and complicate the fixing process. Let’s review 5 cases when you need to call a plumber immediately:

  1. The sewer line is leaking. That’s the main artery that carries all wastewater out of your house. When it’s clogged, your home becomes literally paralyzed. In addition to everything, the wastewater might fill your toilet, bath, and sink. Self-repair may take several days! A professional plumber will analyze and identify the clogged spot and use a drain snake to clean it. In the worst scenario, he would dip up the line and replace it.
  2. You don’t have water in the house. First, you have to check that none of the water outlets in the house has a water supply. Don’t forget to check both cold and hot water taps. If you have not managed to find a reason why the water doesn’t run in the pipes, you should definitely call a plumber. There might be a burst buried water pipe or any other accident that can’t be fixed without a team of experts.
  3. A pipe has burst or is leaking inside the house. Your first action will be to turn off the water supply and to call a plumber immediately.
  4. Drainage lines are leaking. When the drainage lines are hidden behind the counter, wall, or floor, you must get professional help right away.
  5. You can smell gas by the water heater. And that’s not normal. Open the windows and call a plumber to determine the issue immediately.

The best 10 books for studying plumbing

best book for plumbing

The Internet offers a wide range of studying opportunities with valuable support, from watching educational videos, enrolling in classes and even do my homework online resources to help with your workload.

However, when there’s water all around the floor, you don’t have time to google.

We prepared useful literature that every responsible homeowner should read carefully to be ready to act in unexpected situations.

In this list, we offer you the most popular and highly-rated textbooks that teach the essentials of plumbing.

They are in different formats and price ranges. We guarantee, that everyone can find a guide here to fit their requirements and budget.

1. “Do It Yourself Plumbing: 22 Critical Plumbing Projects That You Dreaded but You Can Easily Fix Without Hiring a Plumber” by Warren Green

This book promises not to dive you into any boring aspects and history of plumbing. Only useful guides and hardcore.

It offers 22 solutions to typical critical plumbing accidents. An excellent choice for novices at only $20 in paperback and $4 for Kindle.

2. “Ultimate Guide to Plumbing: Complete Projects for the Home” by Mr. Merle Henkenius

Precious 288 pages with over 650 color photographs will teach you how to solve over 100 plumbing catastrophes.

The book offers step-by-step instructions with pictures on everything from replacing a washer in a broken faucet to identifying old-school and dangerous materials and techniques to make your home a safe place.

3. “Plumbing Complete: Expert Advice from Start to Finish (Taunton’s Complete)” by Rex Cauldwell

This guide is written by a master plumber who will tell you all the secrets of plumbing projects.

In this book, you shall learn the tools every homeowner must have at home.

It covers all the indoor and outdoor plumbing projects from unclogging pipes to installing a new bath.

4. “Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Plumbing, 6th edition” by Editors of Cool Springs Press

Cool Springs Press is an expert in publishing step-by-step book with understandable descriptions and detailed photos on improving your home.

This guide corresponds to the latest codes and standards and will teach you to solve the most common plumbing projects.

5. “Plumbing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies” by Donald R.Prestly

We are all familiar with this series of books.

This user-friendly guide will explain in plain language how to deal with 40 the most typical plumbing situations.

It’s a perfect textbook with tutorials for students and young people who are just starting their independent life.

6. “Complete Plumbing” by Stanley

An excellent book for beginners and intermediate do-it-yourself plumbers.

The author offers 50 step-by-step instructions on plumbing projects.

With this book, you will learn to identify and fix minor issues, solve more complicated tasks, and adding new supply lines.

7. “Plumbing a House: For Pros by Pros” by Peter Hemp

Don’t judge this book by its title. It still fits homeowners but with more advanced skills.

The author is a qualified plumber with over 22 years of experience.

He shares the secrets of designing, choosing, installing and maintaining pipes, creating new plumbing systems.

8. “Plumbing Guide: 320 Extremely Useful Plumbing Tips Every Home Owner Should Know” by Bizmove Consumer Center

This guide will introduce you to all the secrets, myths, and tips on plumbing.

In it, you will learn where to find the cheapest materials, the golden rules of plumbing, and typical mistakes people do.

You will learn to avoid the challenges and become a real pro.

9. “Plumbing: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Projects” by Mr. Merle Henkenius

This is a real Bible of a plumber. It will guide you through every process from start to finish.

The projects described in the book correspond to the latest code-compliant techniques.

10. “Plumbing 1-2-3” by The Home Depot

The book is written in the easily-understood language at a reasonable price.

The guide contains 90 plumbing projects that will help you to install, repair, maintain, and update your plumbing system.