The Most Reliable Kitchen Appliance Brands

Appliances are part of our daily lives. It allows society to be more productive as certain parts of our basic tasks are being taken care of by these machines.

Our kitchen is the one area in our house that has a lot of appliances, as this is one of the very few places in our home where manual work particularly takes place.

Appliances play a big part in our tasks in the kitchen and one of the things that consumers look for when choosing a brand is their reliability.

This doesn’t come overnight as these brands earned this level of trust from their customer through years of excellence.

Here are some of the most trusted brands in kitchen appliances today:


LG has been a household name relating to electronics in many parts of the globe. In the UK, it is known for a wide range of home appliances, many of which are of great benefit in the kitchen. An award-winning brand, LG is prominently recognized for its reliability, performance, and style. 


If you’re willing to pay extra for luxurious features, then Samsung is one of the most reliable names out there in terms of home appliances.

As seen at, their refrigerators are their top items and their oven stoves and ranges are great as well.

The quality of their entertainment gadgets is translated into their kitchen appliances as well. The smart features allow you to control your appliances through your smartphone. 


Miele, one of the leading brands based on consumer index reports, is well-known for providing quality products at affordable prices.

This brand is primarily focused on European consumers so the data are mainly from neighboring countries and it has been agreed that Miele is a superb alternative to the usual names in kitchen appliances.


This brand is popular for cooling appliances and has gained momentum because of its availability online.

Their specialization on a particular system has allowed them to churn out one of the best performing equipment for kitchen use. The simplicity of the design and its affordability makes it a leading name in UK households.


This company has worked for over 80 years to provide quality products to its customers’ home and has consistently shown top performance at every generation.

Their innovation on built-in appliances allows you to enjoy kitchen living with relative ease while rewarding yourself with your family’s company. They are also offering a five-year warranty on selected products.

The combination of this after-sales service and quality products are the main reasons why Bosch lands on top of most of the consumer indexes on kitchen appliances.


Although mainly known for laundry appliances, Whirlpool has extended its influence in kitchen appliances. Even though they are not currently yet akin to kitchen items, the reliability, and quality of their products are rarely questioned.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for brands that have proven themselves to their customers, you don’t need to look any further from these names.

When we buy appliances we usually don’t want to worry about them doing their job, we are willing to pay the right price for something that maintains a certain level of standard that would make our lives easier in the kitchen.