Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When You’re Selling a House

WHen to hire a real estate agent

Did you know the average home sells for approximately $60,000 less when you don’t use a real estate agent? 

That alone is reason enough to hire a real estate agent but if you need a little more convincing, here are 5 major benefits of hiring a real estate agent.

Access to Professional Network

Selling your home is not as easy as finding a buyer and signing on the dotted line. Before you even begin to look for a buyer, you will need a host of different services to help you along the way.

By using a real estate agent, you are tapping into an already established network of the business professionals you will need to successfully sell your home.

These inspectors, contractors, lawyers, appraisers, stagers, title companies, and moving companies have already been vetted by your real estate agent and are likely who the agent works with regularly. 

This will save you the headache of a potential scam, inflated prices, and plain old bad service. 

Added Authority and Confidence

The home-buying and selling process is long and complicated and DIY-ing such an important process often ends in disaster. Not to mention the common scams some buyers and sellers encounter when DIY-ing. 

When you hire a real estate agent, you will be able to approach buyers with the level of authority and confidence that only comes with the experience your agent brings to the table.  

Your agent will guide you through the process, help you avoid costly mistakes, manage all the moving parts and make sure the process is as smooth and stress-free for you as possible. 

Tip: Read more here about how to avoid common real estate scams.

Attention to Details

Real estate transactions sometimes feel like a jumble of industry jargon, regulations and laws; all topped by a mountain of unfamiliar paperwork. 

By hiring a seller’s agent, you will have someone else paying attention to all of those fine details and handling the more complicated parts of selling your home.

Real estate agents help with other details like staging your home for open houses, adding curb appeal, taking photos that highlight important features and creating the most effective listings. 

Access to Buyers

Most real estate agents help their clients sell and buy homes, which means your real estate agent will have access to buyers that you will not have.

Real estate agents also have access to MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, a marketing database designed to help real estate professions connect sellers to buyers. 

MLS is only accessible for real estate agents so you cannot list your home in the database without hiring one. 

Pricing Strategy and Guidance

Pricing your home can be a landmine for sellers because it’s an emotion-filled process and the final price may not accurately reflect the market.

Pricing too high may leave your home on the market for too long while pricing too low may lead to a sale, but you won’t be getting the true value of your home.

Real Estate agents make pricing decisions that are based on the market instead of emotions. With a real estate agent’s pricing guidance, you will be your way to a quick and profitable sale.

Final Thoughts On the Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

In conclusion, there are many benefits of hiring a real estate agent when selling your home. You will have the guidance and experience of an expert who is there to make the process as painless as possible. 

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