5 Easy Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

small bathroom design

Thinking that small spaces can only produce rooms of mediocre aesthetics or value is an ancient concept.

How there’s a way if there’s a will, there is also the perfect design for every room.

Bathrooms always came with the prerequisites that emphasized how much space was saved with the toilet, and in general most people without mansions, penthouses and big apartments tend to go for smaller spaces in contrast to baseball-sized bathrooms some of the rockstars may go for.

Now there are so many things you can do for a small spaced bathroom, no matter how small it is. I will share some of my bathroom design concepts with you so you can make the most out of your bathroom.

1. Keep a Fun Trash Bin

You may have gotten away with messy tables, and even messier chairs with clothes on, but keeping a bathroom filthy and littering at random is a taboo of the highest order.

Firstly you can’t get away from yourself, as you will have to use the same bathroom. Secondly, there’s the matter of personal hygiene. Just because it’s a virus not causing a global pandemic does not mean it will be a healthy choice.

The trick is to be sneaky and creative. Pour all your art ideas into this, as different art and design are aesthetic to different people. My suggested form of art may conflict with yours and vice versa.

So, I will share what I did with my bathing chamber to paint you a better word picture. I went full DIY with the crafting as it saves time, produces unique designs and patterns, and does not cost money.

Pick a piece of clothing of your choice, or picking an old rag will do as well. We will be using it for the exterior, so make sure you like the design/color/pattern of the fabric.

Use a sewing hoop to put it on the top and also to stabilize the cylindrical shape of the clothed bin. Then hung it by the hanger hook.

Pro Tip: If it’s a hanging bin or if you hang it up, you can kill time in the bathroom by shooting free three pointers.

2. Consider Your Tiles

Tiles come in many shapes and designs and also with many different price tags.

It is said that a particular design pattern can penetrate through your psyche and induce mixed feelings and sensations—kind of like how consumer psychology is used by conglomerates to induce certain effects into their consumers.

IMHO, I think we experience something similar when we are mesmerized by sceneries and long beaches.

So the tile you currently have on your bathroom floor may not be the best it can be. So try looking at patterns, or even research how these patterns affect you. Our recommendation is to use chevron glass tile if you care about how your bathroom looks.

Print out any design or pattern and try putting it on your floor to see how it comes out. If you like it go tile hunting.

3. Mirror Check

We all, or at least most of us have mirrors in our bathroom. But the mirror trend for bathrooms keeps on evolving to contemporary pieces of minimalist art. So your mirror may not be the best fit for your bathroom.

Try getting those big square mirrors and place it over the basin. However, if you are looking to explore your DIY options, then you can do that as well.

It’s surprisingly easy to make those DIY mirror frames. Just hit up youtube and voila, you are just a few steps away from making your very own bathroom mirror.

4. Shower Curtains

A lot of us lazy out on installing curtain bars for the curtains. Or we don’t get any curtains or forget to pull it while we bathe. Either way, we all know that a wet bathroom will never be attractive or hygienic.

There is also the fact that wet floors may cause you to slip, and I won’t even dive into that horrendous scenario. So we should learn to utilize the shower curtains. There are many prints and shades you can pick these curtains to match your bathroom’s interior.

5. Fittings and Storage

small bathroom storage idea

This is perhaps one of the more overlooked things when it comes to bathrooms. Engineer something that will be size friendly, meaning it will go under your basin, or some space that won’t take from your already limited space.

Make sure it’s water-resistant, gets the job done, try going for versatility as well(but not a primary concern) and looks good.

6. Gardening

We have all seen beautiful plant tops in minimalist bathrooms. Gardening is practiced in new ways and in new places. Try to bring your own creative touch to gardening. You may be the first to do it.

Find out which plants have a detox effect, or are ideal for bathrooms. I keep a cactus on my flushtop, and a nice blue orchid on my toiletry shelf.

Plants will give life to your bathroom, fill you up with positivity, breathe fresh air and enjoy your morning exports.

7. Theme of the Bathroom

There should be a particular theme to any room, may it be for bathing or to let your guests rest. It can even be your own theme. It just needs a pattern.

If you are going for a rustic look, then make sure all the fittings, tiles, and other bathroom furniture pieces are in sync, or if you are going for a Kolkata vibe, then make sure your black and white patterned tiles are right on the spot.

I did something that a few may find to be unpleasant. I picked each and every single thing for the bathroom individually and picked the ones that I liked. So you could say I implemented my own theme.

To Conclude

These were some of the regular things that stay in your bathroom, and can even be considered essential. So pick smartly, and don’t just make a decision and move on with it. Sit down and think it through, see if it’s viable.

If the new tile you picked is water-resistant or if it’s the right pick as a tile that will be watered on with chemicals and cosmetics and hot water.