5 Amazing Pest Control Tips for Your Home: 2019 Edition

No matter how hard we try to keep them out, pests find a way inside our home. From bugs to rats, no homeowner wants a creepy-crawly bug or furry rodent in their home! This is why many homeowners immediately reach for the phone and contact a pest control professional the minute they see antennas or tails in their home.

In 2012, the pest control industry generated over $10 billion.

There will always be a demand for professional pest control assistance, especially when these pests make their way in your home. But what if you could prevent rodents and bugs from entering your home?

Here are 5 pest control tips to keep those little buggers out!

1. Repair Broken Doors and Windows

“How do those darn pests keep getting in my home?” Is this a question you constantly ask yourself? If so, check your doors and windows. Any broken or loose doors or windows are an easy access point for pests.

Pests are small enough to crawl through the cracks in your doors and windows. They will enter your home to escape from the rain, to find food and other aspects that are necessary for their survival.

Repair or replace broken doors and windows to ensure no pests can get in.

2. Check for Other Cracks

Cracks don’t only develop around your doors and windows. Cracks can appear around your foundation.

In addition, pests can enter through missing shingles, loose siding, and other gaps and cracks. Always ensure these cracks are repaired and your home is completely sealed.

3. Rock or Stone Over Branches and Mulch

Pests, especially bugs, love living near mulch and branches. If you have many trees close to your home or mulch surrounding your yard, these serve as invitations to let more bugs live near and on your property.

Instead, replace decorative mulch with stones and rocks surrounding your property. Cut back any excess trees, especially if their branches touch your home.

4. Clean Up Your Trash

Bugs and rodents need to eat. And they will gladly search through your trash to find any crumbs.

Always clean up your trash. Keep your trash can hidden and away from the good food that you eat. Never leave trash around your home or yard.

5. Look Under Mattress When You Stay at Hotels

When staying at a hotel, do you check under the mattress? If not, you should. Bed bugs are on the rise and are targeting hotel beds.

If you’re staying at a hotel infested with bed bugs, these critters can easily infest your luggage and latch onto you, traveling back with you and infesting your own house.

How do you find bed bugs? Check under the mattress. You can see the little bugs crawling on the mattress and even on the bed’s foundation, the walls, and even under the floor.

If you bring bed bugs back to your home, they’re difficult to kill. It’s best to call a company such as custombedbug.com.

These Pest Control Tips Can Prevent an Infestation

The last thing you ever want is a pest infestation. Use these pest control tips to ensure bugs and rodents never enter your home in the first place.

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