Mold: Home Remedies and the Role of a Mold Removal Company

Mold and remediation

Molds. All of our houses have them. Whether they are in your kitchen, bathroom or even your own bedroom, they are everywhere. Some molds can even be harmful to our health.

What are molds exactly and what can we do to stop them?

No one actually knows where molds come from but they are classified as a type of fungi like mushrooms. However, they are so small that you can’t really even tell exactly what they look like.

They usually grow in clumps and most often thrive in moist and damp places. We’re all aware what happens to certain foods when left in the fridge for an extended time.

Molds can move around too. Some of the spores can float in the air due to how light they are.

Mold and Health Concerns

In their tiny form, they can target and be a hazard to our respiratory system. Healthy people do not need to worry if they inhale most mold spores because they have high resistance and immunity to sickness.

Sometimes, these spores can cause itching and frequent sneezing which should not be too alarming. However, some people have allergic reactions to these molds and can be can become quite serious if left untreated.

Others with compromised immune systems (like people who undergo cancer treatment or those who have HIV-AIDS) run a higher risk of mold infections if they are exposed.

It’s easy for anyone to underestimate the power of these molds. We live with mold under our sinks or on our shower walls, ignoring them entirely and just go on with our daily lives.

Yes, these molds are harmless in small clumps but overexposure can lead to asthmatic symptoms even for healthy people.

Some develop infections, especially if they have open wounds exposed to moldy air. If accidentally ingested, it can lead to stomach pains, diarrhea and nausea among other digestive problems.

In effect, these small fungi can actually have tremendous effects to our health.

Getting Rid of Mold Professionally

So how exactly do you do mold remediation?

Depending on the case, it can be quite difficult. Even after some treatments, some of the spores can still exist in the air, making them fully hard to eradicate.

Avoiding mold in the first place means stayingaway from places with high humidity and a lot of decomposing organic materials.

Places like compost pits, dumpsters, wooded areas and even cemeteries can have patches of molds. Be very careful when you tread these places especially if you have open wounds or allergies.

Molds can grow into colonies in your skin or lungs and can cause real trouble. If you are also living in an older home, there is a big chance that a lot of molds live there along with you.

As these older, ancestral houses have cool, damp and abandoned parts, these places are a favorite spot for these tiny fungi.

If you think you are infected by molds, always consult your doctor. He or she can give you proper medications like antibiotics to alleviate your condition.

Fortunately, there are many home remedies to help you remove molds from your house.

Bleach can be good but be very careful of using them especially with other chemicals. These, when combined, can form toxic fumes which might be even worse than a simple mold issue.

Wear appropriate equipment while cleaning up mold. Keep your home cool and clean by opening your windows and adding light fixtures in the darker parts of your house.

Minimize the humidity by installing air conditioners and/or air purifiers along with good exhaust fans in your kitchen and bath.

Lastly if you have old stuff like antiques, these are prone to mold formation so keep a close eye on these pieces.

Cleaning mold yourself

There are certain cases with which these simple home remedies might not be enough.

There are some types of molds that are persistent and can still grow even after all those home remedies. Some disappear for a little while but come back with a vengeance because they grew more than ever.

In these cases, what you might need is home mold remediation company. They specialize in removing these nasty little colonies of fungi from your home.

Additionally, it does not stop there since they also offer to renovate your house so that there will be little to no chance of the molds to ever come back.

They also filter the air and clean up the rest of your belongings for a worry-free and (hopefully) mold-free home.

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