Ideas for home improvement

Selling your home is a big decision and you want to get the most money out of it. Too many people ignore simple ways to increase the value of their homes through home improvement projects.

We’ve gathered a list of home improvement ideas designed to maximize your asking price.

No one wants to sell their home for less than it’s worth. Whether it’s the home you’ve lived in for decades or a fixer-upper you plan on flipping, these home renovations help get you the best price. You’ll have buyers eating out of your hands because the house looks amazing.

Home Improvement Ideas 101: Curb Appeal

The first thing an interested buyer sees is the outside of your home. If it looks dingy and unattractive, they’ll never make to the inside. Curb appeal is essential to improving your home’s resale value.

How does your landscaping look? Are bushes overgrown or lawn not mowed? If your landscaping looks worse than your neighbors, then you’ll have the most unattractive house on the block. Keep your landscaping well kept and plant some flowers.

If you can make your outside look amazing, then that’s half the battle in selling your home. Curb appeal is your first line of defense, so make it look great. If you plan on selling your Brampton home, then read more about it.

The Kitchen Sells Your Home

If there is a room that can make or break a sale, it’s the kitchen. People spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. This is especially true if the home doesn’t have a separate dining room.

If your kitchen looks like the set of a 1970s sitcom, then it’s time to renovate. You can get new appliances, flooring, and countertops for less than $5,000.

Brand new everything and a fresh coat of paint can help increase the value of your home. It also improves the chances of selling.

Improve Energy Efficiency

The first thing a person asks when they walk into a large open home is “How much does it cost to heat this place.” No one wants to move into an energy hog. If your furnace is older, think about replacing it with an energy efficient model.

The same idea goes for the water heater and central air unit as well. Check the insulation and make sure it’s rated well and the efficiency of the window. People don’t want to spend $150,000 for a home and then pay exorbitant heating and cooling costs every month.

Little Things Can Add Up

There are many small improvements you can make that help increase the home’s value. Replacing worn carpet, painting rooms and changing out old doorknobs for new ones can make a big difference.

If you have hardwood floors, have them cleaned and waxed to give out that brand new shine. Fix any issues with the roof now before prospective buyers ask about it…and they will.

Deep clean countertops, cabinets, and anything that collects dust like ceiling fans. Make sure there are no electrical or plumbing problems. All these little fixes can add as much as 5 percent to your home’s value.

Sell Your Home with Confidence

These home improvement ideas help you sell your home with confidence. You can ask for a price that reflects the home’s value and not settle for anything less. People want a nice looking home and these home improvements make your home look great and increase its value.

If you want to learn more about maintenance for your home, then check out this checklist.