Appliance repair

Make your own appliance repairs, big and small

One of the most costly expenses we face living in our homes is appliance repair.

While household appliances can bring great conveniences, when they break down or behave abnormally, we are usually forced to act quickly…and instantly believe we are at the mercy of a good appliance repair service.

Big and small appliance repairs often require a specialized technician because there is a specific process to making any given fix: 1) Diagnose the problem, 2) Figure out what part(s) you need to replace, and 3) Install the part to complete the repair. Easy, right?

Appliance Repair photoMaybe replacing a hose on your clothes washer isn’t so bad…but figuring out which electronic component needs fixing for your freezer’s automatic ice maker to work again can take a little more doing.

More complicated appliance repairs like the ice maker require a bit more research to see what’s wrong.

Ordering the correct part isn’t so bad as long as you have your manufacturer and model number available. Getting it installed can be tricky unless you have some good instructions.

In my experience, the more you know about the appliance repair you need to do, the better in terms of the money you’ll save.

For example, if you know you need to replace a seal on a leaky dishwasher, just order the part and replace.

No need to pay someone $60-$100 just to come out and look at the problem.

Appliance Repair Guides

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