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How to Choose the Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Electric fireplace example

An electric fireplace is a spectacular alternative to a traditional one. It doesn’t require a chimney, buying or chopping wood; it just mimics the burning of natural gas, coal or wood and uses power to produce heat.

It provides a safe and affordable warmth while offering easy installation and low maintenance.

In addition, home heating can become a design feature making your home much more comfortable and visually appealing.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

So, the first step you should take in finding your ideal product is to determine the type that best suits you and your home.

Wall Units Save You Space

Wall-mounted units look modern and resemble a TV. They can be mounted to the wall or recessed into it.

Building a fireplace into the wall requires more installation work, but can save you the most space. The units you mount on the wall are more portable and won’t take up any floor real estate.

Both of these types create a modern room ambiance. Industry experts agree that the Touchstone electric fireplace is a winning model, which makes wall adjusting worth the investment.

Corner Units Are a Perfect Replacement Option

Corner fireplaces have a traditional design. Many homeowners choose them for their visual focal points of the room they heat because they fit naturally into a place where a typical fireplace might already be installed.

One difference between these models and the wall mounted variety is that you don’t need to make room for the fireplace since you already have one.

Media Consoles Provide Double Duty

Media consoles are both fireplaces and entertainment centers. You get both heat and a storage place for media equipment, as they are built to hold a TV.

They include hidden media components to conceal other electronics and increase their visual effects.

Standalone Models Give You the Greatest Versatility

Standalone electric fireplaces look great in a corner, against a flat wall or anywhere around the house. They are portable and require no installation.

They come in traditional, modern or transitional styles to better fit your home’s decor and design.

The Heating System

The best electric fireplace takes around 1.4-1.6 kW on average to heat up a 400-square feet room (37 m2).

Heating options depend on the temperatures you need for the size of the room you have.

  • Forced fan units are silent as a fan blows over electrically heated coils to pump warm air into the room. They are fit for spaces below 400 square feet (37.2 m2).
  • Infrared quartz model delivers heat through IR light which warms the systems it touches – people and furniture. This system also leaves humidity inside the room to keep an increased comfort. The infrared electric place works delightfully for rooms up to 1,000 square feet (93 m2).
  • Ceramic fireplaces are similar to forced fan units, except that they blow air over a hot ceramic plate to distribute heat. They are suitable for rooms below 400 square feet.

Power Requirements

The best electric fireplace runs at a standard 120-volts, which means they can be plugged in most residences.

As per most manufacturers, plugs are grounded for additional protection against fires, especially since some models don’t come with a built-in thermostat.

The models available now offer 750-1,500 watts for low, medium and high settings. The versatile wattage makes them suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even basements.

They work as the primary heat source for small rooms but should only be a supplemental heating solution in large areas. Fireplaces are visibly more efficient if there’s also a home insulation system available.

Models which are specially designed for large areas require v240-volt plugs and deliver higher wattages. Therefore, you will need to confirm that the best electric fireplace of your choice is also compatible with your home.

Product Features

There are convenience and safety features you should consider when evaluating an electric fireplace for your home:

  • The flame-only operation means that the product doesn’t add heat to the room, but only mimics the aspect of fire.
  • Digital controls are more comfortable to adjust in terms of heat. Some remotes also control the flickering flame speed.
  • Adjustable thermostats let you have full control over the rate of the heat releasing into space even when you’re not there.
  • Brightness control lets you change the room ambiance by adjusting the intensity of the flames.
  • Overheat protection automatically turns the heater off when there’s too much heat produced.
  • Touching coolness makes your fireplace’s glass or housing easy to touch. They won’t get hot and, therefore, protect your children or pets.
  • Safety certifications such as CSA or UL which set the safety standards for efficient electric equipment.


Remember to do a bit of research before you go and purchase the best electric fireplace. Evaluate space measurements and see if you’ve done them accordingly. Find out whether you need a portable or a permanent solution and determine its approximate design.

Think about the installation process and see if your budget includes all the project details. You can even look for some discounts and offers.

Finding a fireplace is a matter of home optimization and visual update. Don’t settle for an average product. Go for the top-notch one and benefit from all it has to offer!

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