Is the bathroom faucet handle leaking? Here’s what to do

water running faucet

The faucet is the most used appliance in your bathroom.

It’s impossible to count how many times a day you turn on the water from the faucet.

This apparently plain element performs critical functions in the home.

Interestingly, bathroom faucets present many challenges.

If you don’t deal with weird noises coming from screeching, you may encounter consistency problems.

A leaking faucet handle is the most annoying thing. Water drips from the spout, even if the handle is turned off. 

What are you supposed to do? Keep on reading to find out how to fix a dripping or leaking faucet handle. 

Locate the leak 

locate the leak

Figure out on which side of the faucet it’s leaking. Turn off the first valve and see what happens.

If the bathroom faucet handle continues to leak, no doubt the problem is with the other line.

It will be necessary to replace hardware for both sides. In this sense, go to the nearest store and buy a new faucet.

A good shop will carry hardware by Kohler, Brizo, and more.

Issues with installation might occur, but if you’re a handy DIYer, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

If you don’t completely understand the instructions manual, ask a knowledgeable professional.

Turn off the water to carry out work 

When carrying out plumbing repairs, it’s necessary to turn off the water and drain the pipes.

The shutoff valve should be located under the sink, so that’s the first place to look.

Older homes don’t feature a shutoff valve in the bathroom, meaning that you have no choice but to stop the water supply for the entire home.

Allow the excess water to escape from the pipes and the faucet.

If you really can’t find the water meter and valve, it’s recommended to call a plumber and have them locate it for you. 

Take off the faucet handle 

take off the faucet handle 

Proceed to disassembling the faucet. Place a towel in the sink to protect the surface and avoid making a mess.

You can take off the bathroom faucet cap with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the handle while retaining the screw.

If it happens to be stuck simply wrap a cloth around it and try again. Unscrew the rest of the assembly.

Once fully loosened, it will come off on its own. It may be necessary to remove buildups and deposits. 

Repair, repair, repair

repairing the faucet

The last part is the most difficult one. You might want to replace the cartridge altogether if it’s to blame.

Purchase a replacement and install it right away. Replace the O ring that is found under the headgear nut.

Gently place the replacement cartridge back into the body of the faucet and make sure everything is perfectly aligned.

Install the retainer clip and twist the cartridge twice.

Last but not least, reassemble the tap. It’s not difficult to rebuild the faucet handle. It’s just a lot of work. 

To sum up, there are water faucet repair kits that you can take advantage of. They’ve got everything you need to get the job done. Think about it.