Exterior home maintenance

Homeowners should budget $1 per square foot of their home every year for maintenance and repair costs.

Regular maintenance can help to save splashing out big sums of money when your garden becomes wildly overgrown or your drains become full of debris and cause a flood.

Here are some of the top jobs that should be done at least twice a year to keep your home at its best.

Clear weeds and dead plants to tidy pathways

Regularly clearing pathways is important to keep them free of anything that can be slipped on or tripped over.

Plants can overgrow onto pathways, restricting access, so cut these back and remove any dead plants from the previous season.

Weeds will probably have pushed through any cracks in paths and down the side of fences and walls, so either spray these with weedkiller or pull them up.

You may notice that your path and walls have become stained from overgrowth, discolored from a lack of sunlight, or your driveway has oil stains on it. 

Give these a thorough clean to improve curb appeal, such as with a professional pressure washing service that can get them good as new.

Check your guttering

Your guttering should be checked at least twice a year to prevent a buildup of debris that can result in damp walls, leaks, and even your guttering becoming so heavy that it breaks away from your home.

Go along your guttering to remove any leaves, moss and anything else that will clog it up and then check your drains to make sure debris hasn’t already washed into them, resulting in a potential blockage that could cause a flood.

It’s a good idea to cut back any trees that overhang guttering so that leaves are less likely to fall into them.

Check for anything that needs repairing

At least once a year you should go around your property and thoroughly inspect it for anything that may need repairing.

Check the paint on your home’s exterior for any chips or cracks and repaint accordingly to help weatherproof your home.

Fences, decking and any sheds and outbuildings should be inspected, and any problems fixed.

This can help to prevent problems getting worse to the point where they need to be replaced instead of repaired, helping to save money in the long run, as well as keep your property up to scratch.

Regular maintenance will not only keep your home working as it should and avoid any damage caused by neglected problems, but it will also increase its curb appeal, making it a welcoming place that you’ll be happy to go home to at the end of the day.