6 Essential HVAC System Maintenance Tips

HVAC maintenance tips

An HVAC system is one of the most important appliances in your home. That is your HVAC system requires regular attention to ensure that it is operating efficiently.

By maintaining your HVAC system, you tend to prolong its lifespan and save yourself from system failure during extreme cold or hot weather. Besides, when your HVAC system is not functioning properly, it may make your home very uncomfortable.

Also, you can seek professional help from a cooling and heating company to help you with the regular check-ups and to service your system when there is an issue. Here are some tips to help you maintain your HVAC system.

1. Check The Air Filters

Air filters play a huge role when it comes to maintenance of HVAC systems, thus should be properly checked, cleaned, and replaced more often.

Dirty air filters tend to hinder the proper functioning of the cooling and heating unit, and if not cleaned, they may lead to overheating, which may destroy the system completely.

As a homeowner, you have to check if the filters are clogged as they tend to trap dust, ensuring there is a flow of air inside the HVAC system. When there is less flow of air, the heat exchange is affected, thus reducing the efficiency of the system.

However, you can avoid system breakdown by ensuring that your air filters are cleaned or changed three times in one year.

2. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

dirty air compressor coil

In most cases, most people concentrate on the indoor part of the HVAC system, forgetting that outdoor is also important.

However, it’s also important that you take time and clean the area surrounding your system by cutting the grasses, shrubs, flowers that may have grown over the unit.

By cleaning the outdoor unit, you ensure that nothing is hindering the airflow and that your system is more effective.

However, if you don’t clean up the area surrounding your unit, you may end up dealing with clogged up air filters and condensing units.

Also, ensure that your HVAC is not completely covered up to avoid corrosion caused by excess moisture inside your system.

3. Ensure That You Adjust The Thermostat


Due to changes in seasons, you should keep changing the thermostat settings for your HVAC system to serve you properly.

That is, avoid using the same setting that you set during summer when the winter season has already started. Adjusting the thermostat does not only help in proper maintenance of the HVAC system but also helps in reducing the energy bills.

Due to growth in technology, there are programmable thermostats today, that makes it easier for homeowners to manage their HVAC systems.

That is by the use of a programmable thermostat you can set the temperatures lower during winter when you’re not at home and higher during summer.

A programmable thermostat is the best as it will automatically turn off and turn on the system as needed. The use of a programmable thermostat also helps to reduce the wearing out of the furnace and the air conditioner.

4. Take Care Of The Evaporator Coil’s Drain Pan And Pipe

The evaporator coils are responsible for blowing the humid, warm air from your home’s interior thus should be cleaned properly during maintenance.

The cold evaporator coil helps to cool the air and circulate it back to your home during hot seasons, making your home more comfortable. The coil works together with the pipe and the pan to drain the condensed air that has been liquefied to water after the cooling process.

The water flows to the pan then to the drainpipe which is connected to the utility sink, or the outdoors.

However, you have to carefully check if molds or algae are building up the drain pipes when cleaning to avoid causing damage to the HVAC system.

Also, you can use a paper filter when cleaning the evaporators drainpipe clear out anything that may cause clogging.

5. Clean The Condensing Unit

air conditioner maintenance

In most cases, the HVAC system has an outdoor condensing unit.

However, as much as the condenser unit is on outside you should ensure that it is not out of its level as it can cause the heating and cooling system to fail.

Also, check the fins on the condensing unit as they get clogged up easily and need to be frequently cleaned.

When cleaning you avoid using a pressure washer and use a spray instead as it may destroy the HVAC system permanently.

Also, if you’re not able to clean the fins, you can seek professional help from heating and cooling companies around your area.

Besides, you would rather spend money hiring an expert rather than destroying the whole system as it will cost you more.

6. Check for Leaking Ducts

During the maintenance process, check for leaking ducts as they may cause harm to your HVAC system.

For instance, you may start experiencing cold spots in your home even when your system is running throughout the day and night.

Also, the duct leakages will not only cause discomfort but also raise your energy bills; that is why you seek professional help immediately.

However, once the leakages are stopped, and ducts fixed, “the HVAC system will become more efficient, leaving you with a comfortable, welcoming home,” says Cody, a professional contractor from On The Spot Air Conditioning Plano TX.

Checking HVAC system

Maintenance of HVAC systems is key for every homeowner and should be done regularly.

Maintenance of your home system does not only make your home comfortable but also helps you to reduce energy bills.

Also having an HVAC system that’s functioning properly gives you peace of mind and guarantees you a comfortable home.

Homeowners should prepare a schedule for maintaining their heating and cooling units to avoid incurring replacements costs due to system failure.

By using these tips and many others, you can easily take care or properly maintain your HVAC system.