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Improve your home, Improve your life

What if I told you that by making some DIY home repairs around your house you could increase your wealth and happiness?

That faucet drip, floor squeak, stuck door… sure, you learn to ignore these problems through the power of denial.

But… taking charge, completing a fix-it project, and then basking in the satisfaction of your accomplishment? Real power.

There’s no denying a safer, more efficient, up-to-date, great-looking home is more enjoyable to live in.

We spend too many hours in our homes for their conditions not to affect how we feel each day. And when we feel better, we just plain do better.

While I can’t fix your life problems, I can tell you how to make your number one environment (your home!) as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for you and your family (and do it on a dime!) — it’s our gift to you, the folks behind this super geeky home repair hot spot.

Our site, HomeRepairGeek gives you all the required resources to take on DIY (do-it-yourself) home repair projects and be successful.

So, if you want to …

  • Fix those annoying little “issues” around the house;
  • Increase your home’s value;
  • Improve the appearance, take pride in and appreciate your home more;
  • Modernize things for convenience;
  • Save money on bills & replacements (efficiency saves you mula);
  • Cut down expenses by choosing to “do it yourself”;
  • Make your house safer;
  • Start a hobby “around the house”;
  • or quiet a nagging spouse!

… then you’ve come to the right place.

After countless home repair and remodeling projects over the years, I’ve realized as far as your mind goes, the experience you have at the end of a project either feels like a “bag of goodies” or just a heavy load of baggage.

A goodie bag has things like: the joy of learning a new carpentry skill, the fun of discovering how something works, or developing your creativity to save money and do more for less.

Baggage is things like:

Stressing about an “over-your-head” project, or spending way more money than expected, or failing miserably to make a truly broken part work again…

I’ve learned a lot of “how-tos” AND “when-tos”, such as when to not sign up for an overly difficult project despite immense eagerness, and when to call in a pro to avoid DIY disaster and unnecessary cost and stress… I call that the yuck!

This site distills home projects of the potential “yuck” and leaves you with how to get the goodness out of DIY projects.

I give you the exact information I’d want to have before venturing into any given fix-it project.

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What This Website Offers You

1. Learn how to repair old or broken stuff in your house easily

You’ll find a long list of home repair topics here with detailed instructions on how you can identify the real problem, what you can do about it, and how to tackle it without spending a fortune and losing sleep (or minutes off the end of your life!).

For instance…

I know you feel that wobbly toilet under your bottom, but how the heck do you deal with that?

You’ll not only see how, but your eyes will open to see that you can actually take care of plumbing problems like this yourself much more cheaply than a plumber…

The best part of completing any repair is the reward at the end.

Learning how to fix something and doing it might take a day (usually less!), but using it and loving it like it’s new again lasts forever… (okay, at least a heckuva a lot longer than a day!).

2. Install new things in your home from scratch

Replacing or adding something new to your house sounds fun, right? The truth is, it can be!

You just need to A) know what to buy, B) how to install it, and C) relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We have tons of information on the parts and products we all tend to replace the most in our homes.

From window and door parts to appliances and replacement plumbing “doohickeys”, we give you what you need to make a good, money-conscious buying decision and get an A+ on the project you’re completing.

3. Discover how to re-design and improve your living environment

You want to have a peaceful home… and you also want peace of mind while you live in it.

I bet right now, there are ten quick, inexpensive tweaks you could do to your home that would give you instant joy, and add both security and quality to your lifestyle at the ol’ homestead.

I’ll show you tons of affordable products along with tried n’ true methods for creating a tranquil, organized and the “can’t wait to get back home” excitement that you haven’t seen since you first moved in.

Seriously, this can be good stuff for both you and your family.

4. See what tools you really need to get your projects done

So, you may not be a handy-man or woman, I get it.

If you don’t have a garage lined with hand tools, cubbies full of supplies, and benches decorated with power tools, then fine. (Don’t sweat it).

Whenever you do a home repair project, it’d be nice to have a workshop like that, right?

Just bop out there, peruse your inventory of tools and gadgets, pick the right one (the “tool for the job”), and carry on…

Well, think of this site as your personal garage; in that, you stop by, check in, and find out just what you need for your job, then get to work.

You’ll learn about only those tools that are really necessary for your needs. No wasting money on excessive or overkill gadgets…

You’ll find tool and product recommendations on everything from small repair projects on up to the bigger renovation projects.

You can build your tool inventory as you go, without breaking the bank!

5.”A Handyman Guide & Glossary”

Get tips and learn the basics on how to do “101” tasks like sawing wood or figuring out what things are, like a “furnace plenum” or drill bit sizing in the Glossary.

Get advice on what to look for and how to save money as you maintain your home from season to season.

For newbies and seasoned DIY’ers alike, you’ll find the fundamentals for repairing and maintaining a house; like the “elementary school” version, you’ll get the basic skills and knowledge to be able to venture into all levels of home projects.

So let’s get going — here’s to feeling good about your home repair projects… before, during, and after.

Open your mind and let your abilities (and this site) take you to new-found happiness in your home both in spirit and pocketbook!


  • General Plumbing Articles
    There’s a lot that can go wrong with your home’s plumbing at large. Peruse these common issues to help get a handle on all your plumbing repairs.
  • Faucet Repair
    Whether it’s a drip or a leak, the many faucets in your home will let you know they’re old or are wearing out. Fixes are often easier than you may think.
  • Bathtub Plumbing & Showers
    You can’t get clean without your bathtub plumbing and/or shower in working order. Find fixes to common problems around your tub and shower.
  • Toilet Repair
    Toilets do a simple task, but they’re made of so many parts it seems anything can go wrong with their operation. Find a solution to your toilet woes.
  • Water Heaters
    Hot water is a convenience we take for granted; but we can’t forget about our water heaters. See what you can do to fix problems and keep these appliances maintained


  • General Electrical Articles
    See how your home uses electricity and what affects your electric bill. Check out tips and guides on how to make your home run efficiently.
  • Home Lighting Improvements
    There are many options for improving the lighting in your home. Learn how to install popular lighting sources for both function and value.
  • Electrical Wiring
    Understand the basics of your home’s wiring system, then get to installing and fixing practically any electrically powered device in your house.
  • Electrical Outlets in Your Home
    Whether you’re adding, moving, upgrading, or repairing an electrical plug, it’s always better to know your steps ahead of time and do things right.
  • Light Switches in your Home
    Turning off/on lights is easy when things are working correctly. Find tutorials for repairing, upgrading, and adding switches like 3-ways or dimmers.

Heating & Cooling

  • Air Conditioner Repair
    In the dead of summer, you need your A/C ready to go. Read through common troubleshooting topics and how to keep your system in good shape each year.
  • Furnace Repair
    Furnaces are wonderful when they work, but frustrating when they don’t. Find out how to diagnose problems and tackle your own broken furnace repairs.
  • Insulating your Home
    You can’t mention home insulation these days without also thinking about saving. Learn tips and techniques for insulating all the gaps and holes in your house.

Windows & Doors

  • Window Repair
    Windows are notoriously expensive to replace. Other than the glass, if you can find ways to repair frames, screens, coverings, etc. then you can save yourself some big costs.
  • Door Repair
    Doors swing, slide, open, and latch. Jams and hardware have to be just right for doors to work. These articles cover fixes and adjustments to get your doors in tip-top shape.
  • Garage Door Repair
    The biggest door in your home is also the hardest one to install and repair. Find advice and steps to take to fix and maintain your garage doors.

Walls & Floors

  • Wall Repair
    Walls can take a beating over time. Learn how to make repairs and other improvements when it comes to your home’s countless linear feet of wall space.
  • Flooring Repair
    From wood and tile to the many types of carpet, virtually anything can wrong with your high-traffic surfaces. Find out how to install, repair, and maintain the floor types in your home from replacing carpets to removing cat urine smell from concrete.

Home Painting

  • Interior Painting
    Nothing gives you more design bang for your buck than painting inside walls, ceilings, and trim. Check out tips and techniques to make your painting tasks easier and look professional.
  • Exterior Painting
    From prep work to that last stroke, getting the outside of your house looking new again is totally possible by the do-it-yourselfer. See how in these helpful articles.

Appliance Repair

  • All Appliances Repair
    Big and small, your home is filled with appliances. Troubleshoot and fix problems yourself with these tips before hiring a costly pro.

Pests & Mold

  • Pest Control
    There’s a lot you can do to conquer many of the pests and critters in and around your house. Take action yourself before hiring the exterminator, such as killing maggots in a trash can or getting rid of fleas from your home.
  • Mold in your House
    From mildew to mold, you generally don’t want to be living with these substances. Read out to combat various fungal and mold matters throughout your house.

Pool & Spa Repair

  • Repairing your Pool or Spa
    Cleaning your pool and keeping the parts to its filtration system running smoothly requires careful attention. Follow this guidance for general repair and upkeep.